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Amazing places around the world

Amazing places around the world

Amazing places around the world are very tough to find. Everyone in the world is inspired with the creativity of God, especially when we visited some amazing and strange places around the world. Nature always wins the heart of the people [...]

Posted On : Aug, 13 2013 | Comments : 0

The Super Zoom Camera: Nikon Coolpix L820

The Super Zoom Camera: Nikon Coolpix L820

Introduction of Nikon Coolpix: In this is the digital world of digital cameras, the Nikon CoolPix series has a built a bridge between its customers and their love for photography with its new Nikon Coolpix L820. A high- zoom digital ca [...]

Posted On : Aug, 13 2013 | Comments : 0

LEGO Back to the Future Time Machine Set

We already knew that LEGO was planning on putting out an official Back to the Future collection, and now we get our first look at the upcoming series in this LEGO Back to the Future Time Machine.Selected from the LEGO CUUSOO fan submissio [...]

Posted On : Jul, 20 2013 | Comments : 0

Honda Mean Mower: The World’s Fastest Lawn Mower

Rethinking your standard riding lawn mower, the folks at Honda have introduced their aptly Mean Mower. This lawn mower has been crowned the fastest in the world, with a top speed of 130 miles per hour. Teaming up with Team Dynamics, the [...]

Posted On : Jul, 18 2013 | Comments : 0

Brutus the Bull Dog Self Defense Keychain

You’ve already got so much useless junk on your keychain anyway, why not equip yourself with something useful for once? The Brutus the Bull Dog Self Defense Keychain gets our vote as one of the most useful keychain accessories of al [...]

Posted On : Jul, 13 2013 | Comments : 0

The Cabin In The Woods Universal Studios Attraction

Every few Halloweens we make a trip to Universal Studios to see what the movie makers have in store for the horror season. Universal rarely disappoints, and this year they’re adding a new attraction to the lineup – the Cabin i [...]

Posted On : Jul, 06 2013 | Comments : 0

Batman The Dark Knight Trilogy Ultimate Collector’s Edition

Christopher Nolan’s interpretation of Batman in his Dark Knight trilogy was a massive success at the box office, and helped keep the Gotham City protector’s popularity soaring high. Now that all three films have come and gone, [...]

Posted On : Jul, 06 2013 | Comments : 0

LEGO Lord of the Rings: Tower of Orthanc

LEGO continues to introduce jaw dropping toy sets for movie fans out there, and the latest comes to us from Middle Earth in this amazing LEGO Tower of Orthanc from Lord of the Rings. This gigantic, impenetrable tower residing in Isengard [...]

Posted On : Jul, 04 2013 | Comments : 0

The Homer: Real Life Simpsons Inspired Car

Fans of The Simpsons need no reminder about what The Homer is (from season 2 episode 15). When Homer’s brother Herb asked him to create a car that would appeal to the “average” American, The Homer was born. The vehicle e [...]

Posted On : Jul, 01 2013 | Comments : 0

Calaveras Day of the Dead Bicycle Playing Cards

The official Dia de los Muertos celebration doesn’t kick off until November, but that doesn’t mean we can’t start getting excited for the artwork this holiday brings about with this Day of the Dead deck of cards. Calave [...]

Posted On : Jun, 24 2013 | Comments : 0

PowerPot Thermoelectric Generator

We first featured the PowerPot Thermoelectric Generator last year when the designers behind the ingenious concept were looking for funding on Kickstarter. After a successful run on the crowd sourced site, the product has officially hit th [...]

Posted On : Jun, 20 2013 | Comments : 0

Take The Black Stout Game of Thrones Beer

To kick off season 3 of Game of Thrones, HBO partnered with Brewery Ommegang for their Iron Throne blonde ale, and the two are once again teaming up for another brew to celebrate the season finale just over a week ago. Considering the eve [...]

Posted On : Jun, 20 2013 | Comments : 0

The Hot Sauce Cookbook

While we don’t spend a ton of time in the kitchen, the Hot Sauce Cookbook may quickly be changing all of that offering up over 60 pepper sauce recipes that anyone can make. We’ve always loved hot sauces (namely Frank’s R [...]

Posted On : Jun, 01 2013 | Comments : 0


Our friends over at Aether Apparel have introduced the lightweight Union Bicycle Jacket. Packed with bike-friendly features, the Union was designed to meet the unique needs of urban cyclists. Details such as reflective strips, weatherproo [...]

Posted On : May, 17 2013 | Comments : 0

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