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Rust-Oleum NeverWet Liquid Repellant

The never ending quest for completely waterproofing all of our personal belongings may have finally come to an end with the official release of Rust-Oleum’s NeverWet Liquid Repellant. After briefly hitting the scene a few years back [...]

Posted On : Jun, 27 2013 | Comments : 0

High Speed Photographs of Liquids Tossed in Mid-Air by Manon...

Belgium-based photographer Manon Wethly creates the kind of art that only lives in her photographs: she tosses different containers with various liquids up in the air and captures the beautiful shapes they create. Calling her project the [...]

Posted On : May, 07 2013 | Comments : 0

Liquid Photography by Marcel Christ

Liquid Photography by Marcel Christ

Here, we are featuring here some amazing art shot of Marcel Christ. He is Amsterdam, Netherlands based photographer. He is very famous photographer and work for many companies like Nokia, Sony, Samsung, Nike, Coca Cola, all these companie [...]

Posted On : Feb, 12 2013 | Comments : 0

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