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Minnesota Vikings Stronghold Overlooking the Metrodome

Minnesota Vikings Stronghold Overlooking the Metrodome

The old-world feel continues inside the three-bedroom, three-bathroom property with an amazing display of antiquated design. Borrowing from Viking pit-house architecture, the interior sports a stone-hewn entry, exposed beams and amazing w [...]

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Live in the Launch Control Center of this Cold War Missile Silo

Live in the Launch Control Center of this Cold War Missile S...

The living quarters are located in the former Launch Control Center, because of course they are. There’s just one bedroom and one bath, but you have the rest of the 185-feet-deep structure to spread out in, and don’t you want [...]

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Women Turn Old Bus  Nice Home

Women Turn Old Bus Nice Home

Two friends from Israel bought an old bus and turned it into a stylish home $HOME$

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ColdBloodArt Paintball Masks

Paintball masks are somewhat essential to the game, and while there are ton of options to choose from out there, ColdBloodArt makes the most badass masks on the market.Created by head designer “Bomb,” ColdBloodArt is a Thailan [...]

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Origami Power Folding Stroller by 4Moms

Before you write this thing off as “just another stroller,” we should warn you that the 4Moms Origami Stroller could be the most badass stroller on planet Earth. Just days after presenting the Longboard Stroller, we now take a [...]

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Folding Wall Mounted BBQ Grill

Much like the BBQ Balcony Grill, the Wall Mounted BBQ Grill was created for those of us that don’t have ample space for a larger grill setup, but don’t want to miss out on the upcoming grilling season.This space saving grill w [...]

Posted On : May, 14 2013 | Comments : 0

Jurassic Dinosaur Corn Cob Holders

Corn on the cob is one of the best foods known to man and these Dinosaur Corn Cob Holders now make it the coolest food to eat as well. Designed by Lana Filippone there are actually two different sets that will become available. For starte [...]

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We recently came across these cool candleholders by one of our favorite home decor brands Scandinavian Menu. They were designed by Pernille Vea, she was inspired by candleholders made by the Vikings many years ago. Made of cast iron the P [...]

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The process of making gold bars

The process of making gold bars

Combi Bars are detachable bullion gold bars. You can easily break a small 1 g bar and sell it if you need cash. CombiBars are being produced by ESG the German company Heimerle  Meule and the Swiss Mint Valcambi $HOME$ [...]

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Amazing 4.5 billion year old Fukang Meteorite

Amazing 4.5 billion year old Fukang Meteorite

Back in the year 2000, a 1,003 kilogram 2,211 lbs meteorite was discovered near Fukang, a city located in the northwestern region of Xinjiang, China. Named the ‘Fukang meteorite‘, it was identified as a pallasite, a type of st [...]

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10 Record Holders Animals Photography

10 Record Holders Animals Photography

Photography Heat is always tried to bring different types of photography. It would about art, fashion and animal and much more. Today we are featuring here some amazing news about animals. We are discussing 10 different animals who are re [...]

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Winter and Cold Weather

Winter and Cold Weather

When a photographer is taking photos of winter and cold weather many challenges are to be faced by him/her. Because winter and cold weather photography are very different and some very complicated vision than to capture hot weather. Winte [...]

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GoldCoast Skateboards is a Salt Lake City and California based company specializing in longboards, cruisers and transition skateboards. Their boards are made from Bamboo and provide toughness, elasticity, feel and response, they are cold [...]

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We have seen the ancient Japanese art of origami applied to sheets of paper for creating birds, plants and other shapes, but we never thought we´d see it applied to a real size kayak! The Oru Kayak by designer Anton Willis is a comp [...]

Posted On : Dec, 01 2012 | Comments : 0

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