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 Scooter Backpack

Scooter Backpack

Gig Pack is a more than just a backpack Developed by a Brazilian designer Gustavo Brenck this nylon-made backpack converts into scooter by just removing the scooter rear segment from a zipped compartment How convenience it would be for yo [...]

Posted On : Aug, 22 2013 | Comments : 0

Micro Luggage Scooter Suitcase

Getting from terminal to terminal in the airport is exhausting. That’s why the team at Micro Mobility created their ingenious Micro Luggage suitcase scooter.This hand luggage lets travelers ride around the airport in style thanks to [...]

Posted On : Jul, 13 2013 | Comments : 0

Scrooser Electric Scooter

Scooters continue to reign supreme on the urban commuting scene, but we’ve always had one major problem with many of the players out there. We can’t get behind the design of a lot of the brands currently pumping out 2 wheeled [...]

Posted On : Jun, 20 2013 | Comments : 0

HydroBOB Puts the Scooter Underwater !

HydroBOB Puts the Scooter Underwater !

For those with no diving experience, or who don’t know how to swim, Andrew Sneath has created an underwater vehicle just for you. Offering a controlled environment, and the ability to breathe regularly thanks to a bubble around the [...]

Posted On : Apr, 18 2012 | Comments : 0

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