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Inteliscope iPhone Tactical Rifle Adapter

Product designer Jason Giddings has decided to follow in the footsteps of devices like the TrackingPoint Smart Rifle, merging modern technology with firearms through his Inteliscope Tactical Rifle Adapter. With the help of the included i [...]

Posted On : May, 29 2013 | Comments : 0

M4 Tactical Crossbow

Anyone can take out zombies with a shotgun to the face, but it takes a truly skilled marksman to put one down with a cross bow. In fact it’s the reason we believe Daryl Dixon is the biggest badass on the Walking Dead. If arrows were [...]

Posted On : May, 29 2013 | Comments : 0

Tactical BBQ Apron

We take our grilling very seriously, and consider ourselves badass outdoor chefs (admittedly we are rather lackluster in the kitchen). If you are like us, then the Tactical BBQ Apron is a must have for the grilling arsenal. Some might cal [...]

Posted On : May, 25 2013 | Comments : 0

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