What Shall I Reveal On The First Date?

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Your first date might be a somewhat nervous experience and you probably want to guard against any tendency not to reveal certain things, in order to maintain the integrity of the future relationship. This does not in any way imply that you are trying to hide something, but distorting the truth or putting up a facade, might come and haunt you later on. Just make sure that you keep some of the following points in mind, and your first date should go off quite OK.

* Your History of Past Affairs. This is something that you must strongly refrain from doing. To recall your past relationships can put a damper on the mood, as men generally do not want to hear about other men that possibly shared highly intimate times with you. To reveal these details on the first date, amounts to nothing less than being the worst topic of discussion, and almost undermines the new person that you want to enter into your life.
* Financial Matters. Money makes the world go round, but when it comes to your first date you must be absolutely sure that this topic stays off the agenda. Modern society can be very short sighted in their thinking and unfairly draw conclusions about others based on their investments, bank balance, and connections to the affluent. You must be evaluated on your ambitions, personality, beliefs and positive outlook in life and not your financial assets or liabilities.
* Medical Issues. If you want to put off your date, then start mentioning your constant migraines, or the fact that you are going to a psychiatrist for anxiety treatment. Even other medical discussions relating to obesity in your extended family, has absolutely no right to be mentioned on the first date. Keep these gory details under wraps that is only to be revealed once you are comfortable in each other’s company.
* Inside the Social Circle. The first date must be enjoyed with a focus on yourselves and there is no need to bring in extensive references to your friends or any discussions about them. Your date could be someone that does not usually move in big social circles, and this may be a turn off. Your friends must not become the main focus of conversation on a first date.
* Speaking Politics and Religion. There is no harm in briefly disclosing that you belong to a certain denomination or have a leaning towards the right or left side of politics. Religion and politics are both very sensitive subjects for everyone, and by the very nature of human beings, you’re probably not going to agree on everything. Keep these details to a minimum and do not come across as someone that wants to indoctrinate and convert your date.
How much you reveal on your first date is a matter of discretion, but if you approach the event with the necessary caution without being too evasive, it might be such an enjoyable experience that the two of you will surely connect again.
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