Rumors springing up for iPad 3 Release Date

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New rumors have begun rising up about the iPad 3 release date. Is it true? For making the components of the iPad 3, a lot of stuff and components are needed for this gadget from the manufacturers and from there rumors leak out.

Wall Street Journal Report: A report from wall Street Journal has revealed that Apple has ordered more than millions of components related to panels or display. Moreover, one more report says that a market analyst has asked the investors to invest in iPad3 as it would be in the market by March 2012 end. Though these particulars are not absolute, but the speculation has increased a lot.
Basis of iPad 3 features: Rumors are saying that the iPad 3 features are mainly based on the processor and display features. The A6 processor is going to incorporate several architectural changes to improve the performance. The enhanced version of processor is required for the addition of iPad 3 apps and software.
There are also speculations for the display feature of iPad 3 that it should have at least twice resolution power than the iPad 2. The resolution of iPad 3 display would go up to 2048 X 1536 px with the fixing of dual LED light problem also. And the physical dimensions will remain unaffected, so retina display features of iPhone 4S would be there in iPad 3 also.
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