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Do you also love sleeping? Here comes a good news for you. According to a study, sleep increases memory power. A proper sleep helps to improve prospective memory which makes people remember things easily. As per the study conducted by the researchers of Washington University, our brain is divided into two parts:

* One part stores the permanent information. These are the kind of information which never disappears from our memory or starts fading after a long time, for eg: names of our friends and relatives, school time experience, our much-loved outfits etc.
* Another part is the one which keeps the temporary information .This part of the memory is called prospective memory. Human beings uses the prospective memory to keep in mind the little things like taking medicine on time, wishing birthdays to their beloved ones, shopping small household things etc. People often tend to forget these kind of little day to day activities.
However, according to Michael Skoolin and Mc Daniel, whether it's a student flubbing multiple choice tests or a senior citizen confusing about his medications, a 6 to 8 hours sleep is needed for everyone.
Following are some tips you can follow:
* Try to maintain a noise-free sleep. Any sounds in your bedroom should be consistent and soft. If you can't do anything about the noise, try earplugs.
* Keep your room dark as the area of brain that controls sleep is close to the optic nerves and thus sensitive to light.
 * Keep the room temperature cool but not too cold. The temperature of your body will fall while you sleep.
 * Your mattress & pillow should be comfortable enough to keep your body relaxed while you are asleep. It should not be too soft or too hard.
 * Do not keep televisions and computers in the bedroom. Reserve the bedroom for sleeping only.
Few more research has also been done earlier in Psychology about the relationship of sleep and memory but they all focussed on the retrospective memory. In this context, such kind of a study proves to be the best medicine for the people who hate to forget but love to sleep!!
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