Queen Victoria’s Waterfalls

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Victoria Falls are named after the British Queen Victoria, whose missionary and explorer David Livingstone became the first European who saw the falls in 1885. This became the official name for the falls in 1931 when this region was under British colonial rule.

In the vicinity of the waterfall there is a city of Livingston, who was named after the celebrated Scottish researcher. These are probably the most spectacular waterfalls in the world. They are on the Zambezi River, the fourth river by length in Africa. It is 2650 kilometres long and located on the border of southern Zambia and north western Zimbabwe, in southern central Africa.

Victoria Falls is composed of four waterfalls, which are separated by small islands and reefs. Victoria Falls form the largest continuous mist in the world. It is even visible from 50 kilometers away. Nearby, downstream from this waterfall in 1905 a construction of railway bridge has been completed. Travel by train across the bridge is a unique experience for all tourists who come to the region.

Falls and surrounding parks are a major attraction for visitors to Zambia and Zimbabwe. Victoria Falls National Park is a home of many rare plants and tree species. It covers about 20 square kilometers and is considered a natural resource not only in Africa, but around the world.

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