Nerf Gun Of The Century Will Rule The Office War

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Feeling a little bottled out at work lately? Is nothing really tickling your senses anymore and are your chores less than exciting? Well, it sounds like you are probably suffering from lack of fun at work. An office is only as exciting as you make it.

It’s not for nothing that the mega corporations of the Internet have overhauled their offices over and over again to incorporate slides, swings, relaxation lounges and all kinds of activities to make you run your butt off. They want to make their employees enjoy their work environment to the fullest so their brains keep feeding out code enthusiastically. The boring companies could learn a thing or two from these exciting work places.
As any geek knows, there is a war going on, an office war. It’s also called the office nerf gun war, and it is likely never to end as long as there is an office where it could all take place. It’s basically a soft rubber dart gun war for grown ups. Yup, that is right. Keeping the kid inside you happy and well is a sure bet to live longer. Nothing is more boring than people who try to act grown up, and by doing that, they become older than they actually are.
To master the fight, you need the ultimate nerf gun, right? I think I have found it. I would call this puppy the nerf gun of the century actually. Why? Because it is everything you want a nerf gun to be. It’s small, manageable and absolutely badass looking. It’s created by Etsy seller SteampunkWasteland, and it’s one of the coolest custom creations I have ever seen out of all the nerf guns out there.
Yup, that is absolutely right! It’s on Etsy, so that means it is for sale, right? Hell yeah, it will be yours for just $32.99. You will have to hurry up though because this baby is going to go really fast. It might already be gone… but there is only one way to find out.
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