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Most of the time we avoid visiting beauty salon because of expensive beauty deals. However compromising on beauty for any reason is not a good idea. Think smart and spend less, trust me it's possible. You just need to keep your eyes open for best deals in different parlors. Here are some easy ways to save on beauty without compromising recent trendy style.

1. Few make up stuffs you can easily manage at home without any special fashion training. Dying your hairs is one of them. Highlight hairs is one of the trendy style and you can easily get a box of hair dye costs less than $15. Take help of your friend and create the magic in your hairs.
2. Choose a hairstyle intelligently which requires less maintenance. For short hairs you have to get it trimmed regularly which means more visit to salon. However, if you have a hairstyle that is medium to long in length, you can usually stretch your haircuts for couple of months with occasional trims in between visits. Some salons will offer to trim your hair for fewer prices than a regular cut between visits. Keep a track of such offers.
3. Look for some good beauty schools around, they are generally cheaper than regular salons. Check with friends and neighbors about the quality of work in those schools in case someone been there before. Once you are satisfied with your first visit, you can save good money in future and may be get an expensive facial from a good beauty salon.
4. During Sale time you can shop for various nail colors and lip shades. They are so cheap and you can create an incredible collection without spending so many dollars.
5. Avoid buying perfume with alcohol as they usually loses the scent faster than scents containing oil, which causes you to spritz yourself more often and go through your perfume faster.
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