Wandering Albatross

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Albatrosses are nomadic birds typical for the islands and shores of the southern hemisphere. Some species of albatross are mixed with the seagull, which is not surprising, given the many aesthetic similarities of these two birds.

There are 13 species of albatross. Albatross wingspan can reach up to 3.5 m. The wandering albatross is a bird with the largest wingspan. The body of albatross is covered by white, black, brown and grey colored feathers. It has a long beak with a sharp curved part at the top. The legs are relatively short, with sharp claws.

These birds spend a lot of time flying over oceans and seas. They follow ships that leave ports for days. Sailors do not kill them, because it is believed that this is bad luck. Albatrosses sleep floating on the water.  They are active during the day and feed on various species of fish. These birds have practically no natural enemies. Interestingly, the albatrosses are uncertain and timid in the presence of people.

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