Enjoy Your Ride With Hanebrink, Unique Electric Bicycle

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You probably never seen a bike like this. It is called Hanebrink and allegedly it is driveable on any surface. What really makes this bike looking strange and powerful in same time are the wheels with pretty thick and wide tubeless tires which allows you to go with it on rocky surfaces. When you are tired of pedaling you can light up its electric engine powered by Lithium-ion battery and you can ride for almost one hour of time with a single charge.

But the electric engine is not the only thing which will make your ride easier. As you can see on the photos, it has really unique pedaling system which includes additional gears. All this makes your ride comfortable even if you decide to pedal and producer guarantees that you can reach the speed up to 35 mph without some big effort. It sounds like it is worth to try it.

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