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Monthly scrub

Just like face and body, your hand also need to scrub. Every two or three weeks, with sugar or salt scrub for your hands,this is the first step in the maintenance of your hands. The role of exfoliating is to remove your hands’ dead skin, so your hands will be more soft and smooth.

Healthy fish oil pills
If you eat a lot of fish or fish oil supplement ingots, then your hands will become soft and smooth. Sardines, mackerel, fresh tuna fish is rich in fatty acids (EFAs). Fatty acids make your skin moisturizing and reduce inflammation. In addition, fatty acids, there are additional “good effect”, it is also particularly good for our heart!
Moisturizing your hands full
Use the moisturizing effect hand washing soap or hand sanitizer. We must develop the habit that we should rub hand cream immediately after wash hands.
Supply Vitamin
Vitamin A, B, C and vitamin E can improve your skin! Vitamin C and vitamin E for resistance to the sun’s UV radiation is especially important! Vitamin A helps repair the skin, while the vitamin B family for healthy skin, nails and hair, play an important role. Of course, these vitamins also be used directly in your hands. Choose vitamin-rich ingredients hand cream is also a good choice.
Do not forget your gloves
In winter, gloves is absolutely necessary! Dry and cold weather is not the only factor to hurt your hands. When you are washing dishes, laundry or cleaning house, you must remember to bring gloves. Latex or rubber gloves to protect your hands and are not subject to chemical substances and water damage.
Night nursing for your hands
Before you have to go to bed, wiping a thick layer of moisturizing hand cream or Vaseline to protect your hands. And then wear cotton gloves to bed. The next day wake up, you will find that your hands become particularly soft, young!
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