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Aren't you bore of same old hair style? If the answer is yes, you are at the right destination. New Year has come with trendy fashion styles; after all, a new year is a fresh start in so many ways. A perfect hairstyle can completely change your look; let's check out some cool trendy hair styles and reinvent yourself this year.

Here are some top 5 tips for trendy hairstyle:
1. When it comes to hair parting, we generally stick to single side. Try a different part, this can give you a completely new look. The best part is it's not permanent! If you don't like it, you can always change your part back.
2. Have you tried bang look or still in a confusion of bangs or no bangs? The most important thing a hairdresser looks at when considering if bangs or fringe are an option for you will be your face shape. Don't hesitate to give it a try. Go to a trusted hair salon. Sometime experiments do work wonders.
3. When you had your last cut? If it's been long the safest hair style would be getting a hair cut of your previous style. Even a simple laser and step cut changes look completely.
4. Different hair colors are in trend. Electric blue, red and rainbow colors are some of the latest trend even famous among Hollywood celebrities. Try color on small part of your hair, in case you like it go for complete color change.
5. This year change your source of styling. This could be change of your hair stylist or change of hair style. These days technology has so much to offer, try websites which give you chance to try different hairstyles by uploading your picture. A small effort and experiment can change your outlook towards your personality.
"A new look can be life changing but incredibly exciting. Sometimes just getting extra compliments can make you feel so great about yourself and be a big boost in self-esteem. Who doesn't like to get noticed?"
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