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So let me just start by saying that in this little article on dating advice for women from men, I’m not going to be a wee bit nice. This article will place in front of you some cold, hard facts. In my opinion, what men want in a relationship cannot be subjected to euphemism.

So go on, here’s an article on dating advice for women from men. But I guess, you might know quite a bit already…
Dating Advice For Women
Advice #1: Men Hate Nagging
In my opinion, this is one of the most important dating advice for women from men. Studies say that women use nagging as a way to ensure that men get something done, while men don’t do it simply, because they get terribly angry with the nagging and questioning. So the best advice here is to stop nagging! By simply hinting, once in a while, but fewer times overall, men will get the thing done and with minimum fuss and loss of energy on your side.
Advice #2: Men Hate Being Told What to Do
Because that’s the way our brains have been programed since the Stone Age. Men have always taken their own decisions and any sort of inter-mediation or value addition has generally been frowned upon. For all that people may say about there being a woman behind every successful man, whispering advice in his ears, men hate listening. The better listeners among us may not mind, but generally view this value addition as nitpicking and terribly frustrating. More on dating advice and tips: online dating services.
Advice #3: Men Hate Women Who Ask Rhetorical Questions
I guess there are some questions men hate answering. Does this dress make me look fat? Why don’t you understand me? You don’t care about me these days… You don’t love me anymore… All that sort of things. Men really, really hate listening to these things, because, well, we really have no answer to these questions apart from no, sorry, no and no respectively. So don’t ask the sort of questions that really corner us. We do love you. Because if we didn’t, we wouldn’t be with you. Read on for more dating advice.
Advice #4: Men Like Being Pampered
Even more than women. A massage for you is equivalent to a nice 4 course home cooked dinner for us. Shopping for you is equivalent to you picking up the check for dinner once in a while. It’s all about degrees. Whoever said that men do not need to be pampered is totally wrong. We too like the attention. We too like gifts.
Advice #5: Men Like Smart Women
Our relationship with the hot blond on the cover of Maxim or Vogue ends pretty much then and there. Men do like smart and independent women. Because lets face it, that curvy girl has really nothing much beyond her looks and a smarter one offers a lot more in terms of quality. Just, refrain from nagging and questioning!
Advice #6: Men Like Interesting Women
So when we sift through online dating profiles for women, we generally look for the humorous lot, the witty ones with a nice joke up their sleeve. So adding a touch of wit to your profile is one of the best online dating advice for women from men. Oh and one of the most important online dating tips for women: Add a good picture as well!
So this was all about dating advice for women from men. Reading men is a terribly easy task, which any woman with average intelligence can do. All you need to do is keep your eyes open!
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