“PAL-V” A Dutch Flying Car

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We have entered the era where the cars will be having wings as well. So now you can lift your wheels up in air when ever you want to. Terrafugia was a recent talk in town, as the developer struggled quite hard to make that flying car legal on ground and air as well. But we spotted a Dutchmen flying car a few days ago as well. PAL-V is the name of the company and the same name was given to its flying machine.

Now whats good and different about this flying automotive is that, its not an ordinary car but its a sports car! Since it hits a speed of 112mph on air and ground as well, with a sub 8 second 0-60mph time. The company has been very successful in attaining the permits and licences of it in different countries. For residents of Europe, they will just have to show a recreational or private plane licence to fly it and for riding this car on road all they will have to possess is their old legal licence.
Talking about the functionality of PAL-V, while on road it looks like a motorcycle and when you are ready for it to take off, you just take it on a small runway and stretch of the M1, on doing this the propellers and the rotor come out and there you are ready to take it off.

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