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For women who find themselves suddenly single, they often think a lot about their ex and may even wonder how to get him back. But before worrying about getting him back, it's important to first determine whether or not you should even try. Ask yourself a few questions:

Was he a positive influence on your life? Did he make you a better person? Did you feel good about yourself when you were with him? Did he ever emotionally or physically abuse you? Does he have any substance abuse problems such as a drug addiction or alcoholism? Is he living up to his full potential? Does he have steady employment?
As difficult as it may seem, sometimes it's better to just let him go. If a man has major problems of his own such as a drug addiction, joblessness, or abusive tendencies, you will likely be much better off without him. The loneliness and feelings of abandonment may make that difficult to see after a break up. 
Get A Second Opinion
If you have answered the above questions honestly and you see want to get him back, get a second opinion. Ask a trusted friend or family member for their honest thoughts on your ex and whether or not you should try to get him back. If they give you the go ahead, you can try these easy steps to get him back:
How To Get Him Back
* Give him some space. If you try getting him back immediately after a breakup, you're likely to be unsuccessful. He probably had a good reason (or so he thought) for breaking up with you and if you don't give him some space, that's not going to change.
* Take what he's said to heart. Think back to your disagreements (or straight up fights) with your ex and write down any constructive criticism he has given you in the past. That doesn't mean you need to write down each and every little mean thing he's said about you. But take an honest look at the things he has said to you and if any of them ring true, write them down.
* Do your due diligence. Double check your list from above with your friends and family members. Ask them for their honest feedback about the items you've written down. Make a check mark next to the ones they agree with.
* Spend some time working on yourself. Come up with an action plan to work on the items from your list which have at least one check mark next to them. Make sure your goals are achievable and that you have specific steps to reach them. 
* Slowly re-introduce yourself into his life. If you're going to get him back, it's important that he realizes on his own that you've changed. Simply calling him up and telling him you've changed and you want him back is likely not going to work. Make sure you run into one another from time to time and allow him some time and space to figure out just how great you are and how much he misses you. Good-luck!
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