Is he the Man of Your Dreams?

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It is but natural that each one of us needs a soul mate to share and care. Life seems to be tough without a shoulder to rest upon. But how does one know if the shoulder you rely on is made only for you??

Many a times, the one we think is our Mr. Right tend to shatter all our dreams as the time passes. I know one of my friends who realised after sometime that he was not the one she was looking for but was too shy to break off with him. This resulted the everyday struggle in their relationship. The irony was not that it ended badly but she took 2 years to recover from it spoiling her career.
It is true that love involves risk, and when someone is in love everything looks positive. But before one jumps to the twisted path of romance, it is advisable to be confident that you are lending your heart to the man of your dreams. 
So how do you discover if your current relationship is the end of your soul mate search, Read on!
• At the initial stage, any relationship looks like the one we were waiting for. Give sometime before you take a decision to tell him if he is your Mr. Perfect. Time is the solution of many problems. With time your instinct will tell you if you are heading the right path.
• It is true that some of the symptoms are common in all love relationships. But what really matters is the sense of completeness you share with your mate.
• Observe him while he socializes. You will easily understand his true behaviour. At the start of any relationship, it is likely that his attitude with you will be up to your expectation. However, knowing his true conduct will help you to determine your compatibility with him in future.
• It is very important to know if the guy loves you or your beauty. Beauty doesn't remains ever. It is true love that holds a relationship. Call him when you are not well or in a state of your ugliest look. The right guy will overlook your biologically ugly self and will care for you as if nothing else matters anymore. He will still look at you lovingly and will make you feel that you are the most beautiful woman to him.
• Have realistic expectations from your Mr. Perfect. No man is a God and it is comparatively difficult for men to understand what woman wants until and unless not told to him.Try to understand that he has no idea of the fantasies that you were making for the love you will enter some day. So, do not take hasty decision. First observe if he cares for your opinion and your likings or ignoring them knowingly.
Visualise yourself as in what exactly you are looking for in a guy.Don't compromise characteristics that are important, so set your standards high. For example, if you are turned off by a guy that drinks too much, don't date someone who does and hope that it works out. You deserve the best so don't settle for less.
• Like every human being, you must be carrying some values of life on which you never want to compromise at any cost. If he is the Mr. Right for you, he will respect those values and will avoid arguments on such topics and you too need to reciprocate on the same.
• Communication is the foundation to any good relationship. If you're trying to build a life with a guy who doesn't think that what you have to say is important, your relationship will inevitably come crashing down. You need a man who truly listens to you.
• When finally you know, he is the one, introduce him with your family.See how he handles the questions, objections and the raised eyebrows of your family members. This will tell you how safe you will be with him to face the obstacles of your life.
Remember, good looks and enough money to survive can be found in every second man but what you want can only be known once you ask your inner self and you'll surely get an answer. This would bring you to the end of search for your Mr. Right....who's THE MAN OF YOUR DREAMS!!
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