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As a woman we always have a special instinct that our man is not loyal and there is something wrong in the relationship. However we need to be sure before taking any serious step. Well, here's some help. We give you five visible signs to know if your partner is really cheating on you. 

Are you having less sex:
If your sex life is going slow, this proves your man is having the same fun somewhere outside. However, another reason could be his porn addiction. Sudden drop of interest in sex is definitely a sign of serious underlying issue. Deal with it before it's too late.
Is he overprotective of his cell phone:
I generally access my husband's mobile phone and he seems to be ok with this. But in case he is avoiding calls in your presence or quickly replying to messages when he's with you? This may means there is something that he is trying to hide.
When he talks about someone from the opposite sex
If your partner suddenly brings up someone from a opposite sex in a conversation and then try to skirt it with other discussion, it may be a sign of worry about you. If it's nothing fishy, he would never avoid talking about that person.
When his friends act weird
Mostly friends are aware about any extra marital relationships and most of them will stay loyal to him and ensure that you are not let in to this secret. No matter how much efforts they put in to hide from you but the signs of guilt will be evident enough on their face.
When he disappears too much
Frequent increase in outdoor trips with friends or official meeting can be a matter of worry. And is this all happening in a pattern that seems too odd? Listen to the warning signs in your head.
Act smart and be little observant to judge your partner.
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