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Marriage is a beautiful relationship but there starts the problem when either of the partners becomes disloyal and starts cheating on their spouse. Before it becomes too late observe your partner and take precautions to save your marriage. 

Some common signs of an unfaithful partner
* Slowly and gradually your spouse finds you and your company boring and always wishes for some interesting stuffs to bring new colors to life.
* When they start spending more time at work place, keep a check is this real work or something fishy.
* Less intimacy, not a healthy and regular sex life
* Suddenly they start shouting and fighting on small issues.
* Check out credit card bill, there might be some expenses without any valid reason.
* They become lazy and hardly wish to go out with you.
* They might become secretive and starts spending a long time on phone or computer. Check their messages when they are not around.
* They become more attentive towards their look.
Love is important however observing your spouse little bit and keeping a track is good for a healthy relationship.
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