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"Gone are the days when we had plenty of time to take care of ourselves and look beautiful". Does the same often come to your mind as well? Believe me, it's never late to groom up yourselves and enhance your personality.

Many of us turn to a casual attitude towards our selves after few years of marriage. Women are full of emotions and they know their responsibilities better than men. She can even lose her own identity for the family. But is this correct? Think about it. Are you really living your life to the fullest? Look into the mirror and ask yourself "are you the same person as you were ten years back?" Well, you very well know the answer. 
It's time to pull up your socks and get ready to match up with the changing trend. Try these small tips and feel the difference.
• To keep your family healthy, you should first concentrate on your own health. Have a balanced diet and a good 6-8 hours sleep. Have a positive attitude towards life which will improve your mental, emotional & spiritual fitness.
• Dress makes the first impact on people. Find out what suits your figure & stature well.Look for smart dress to make a positive impression. Choose the right hair cut matching your lifestyle.
• Improve the way you communicate verbally and your body language.Refer books, websites, television and keep practicing.
• Always keep yourself updated. Try getting into the habit of reading newspapers and books.
• If you are into business/profession, learn to manage your time. If possible, keep a helper so that you can spend more time with your family.
• It's important to know driving. Start taking care of little issues like paying off the bills, bank work, dropping children to school etc so that you can share the workload of your husband.
• Plan a trip or picnic with your kids and their friends. Also, don't forget to spend some quality time alone with your husband.
• In your busy work schedule, take out some time everyday for yourself where you can do your favourite pass time. It could be anything like listening to music, painting, net surfing etc.
I am sure; the little efforts mentioned above will make a difference to your life. And the most important, always wear a smile on your face......You look beautiful when you smile...and you know that ...right??
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