Top 3 Tips for Dieting and Eating Out

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For a night out with friends, dinner out to celebrate a special occasion, or just because you don't feel like cooking, dining out is commonplace in modern society. Unfortunately, a lot of restaurant food is packed with added fat, sugar, and salt. You CAN eat healthy while eating out, however, with these 3 dieting tips for eating out:

Cut out the Sauces! The majority of sauces and toppings are made from oil, sugar, and butter (or all of the above) and often contain added salt. Simply by forgoing the sauces, you can often cut hundreds of calories. When it comes to salads, opt for clear salad dressings. Remember, the creamy it is, the more calories it likely has.
Healthier Options and Sides - Many restaurants are now offering healthier side dish options and even healthier meals. If you can't find what you're looking for, don't be afraid to ask. As waiters and waitresses aim to please, they are generally happy to accommodate minor changes in meals and side dishes whenever possible.
Size Matters - Growing portion sizes plague many restaurants, which also lead people to eating larger portions as home… but that's a whole other story. In the majority of western restaurants, one "meal" can easily be divided into two. And if you're having an appetizer, your main course can likely be kept for 2 additional meals later. Don't be shy! Ask your waiter or waitress to pack up half (or more) of your meal and take it home for later or to share with friends and family.
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