Why Love Is Important?

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Reasons Why Love is Important: When I was small, my mom made me read the newspaper everyday. One thing I never missed out on, was the Love Is… cartoon that came in the byline everyday. These were the first few lines I read about love and they have played an important part in forming by views about this emotion. What is love and why it is important, is best explained through these. Here they are -

Love is… That First Meeting By The Water Cooler
Remember the first time you both met. Wasn’t that a beautiful moment? Didn’t you immediately feel that there was something special happening to you? How many such special moments have passed since then? Love is important because it gives you such special moments to smile and laugh throughout your life. Love brings in happiness into your life and the company of a special one, that lasts forever. Love is important because, without love, our life would lack such special moments and days, because our life would be incomplete. Life becomes a wonderful journey when it passes through these brilliant memories.
Love is… Your Secret Weapon
Love is important because it gives you strength to fight weakness. It helps you survive the bad times with a smile on your face. It helps you fight that every negative emotion which shouldn’t exist in your life. Love is important because it can kill a thousand worries with one smile, with one hug. Love can fight the entire world with values of faith and belief. Love is important because it brings people to together, to unite. It stays on your side when luck says goodbye and walks by. Love stays with you even when you’re defeated, only to make you stronger and try again, not being disheartened. In the end love will win, something we all believe in, isn’t it?
Love is… A Necessity, Not a Luxury
Love is important because it is a necessity and all necessities are important. Love is something that will happen to you even if you don’t want it. Without love, you can survive but with love, you can learn how to live. Have you ever felt what it is to go weak in your knees and experience the thunder bolt? Once in a lifetime, everyone experiences it. We all have to live with that one someone being the social animals we are. Today or tomorrow, that one someone will walk by and you’ll connect just like magnets do. Can it happen more than once?! Yes, it can happen as many times as you want it to. You just need that basic instinct to hit the bulls eye.
Love is… Supporting Each Other in Old Age
Love is important because it assures you a better tomorrow. It promises a future with happiness and contentment. Love makes us feel that no matter how old we become, we’ll always have one another. Love is thinking she’ll look more beautiful at 80. Love is telling her how gray hair makes her look pretty. Love is, knowing you’ll have someone to praise you and give you attention even when you have less number of teeth and speed that of a snail. Love promises a support for a lifetime, even when the bones fail with theirs. Love is to know that someone will wish you good morning and goodnight every single day.
Love is… A Sign That Spring Can’t Be Far Away
Love is important because it teaches you to hope. It teaches you that when bad times are here, good times are on their way. Love is when you smile through your tears. Love is when you learn to see the silver lining. Love is when sadness doesn’t affect you because you know happiness can’t leave you for long. Love is when a hug assures you that everything is going to be fine. Love is important because it gives you a high when times are low. Love teaches you to have patience for the good and some more of it for the best. Love tells you that even though winters are bad, they are here to only make way for the spring.
Now that you know why love is important and so necessary in life, you would perhaps never want to let go of it. Next time you fight with your loved one, remember what is more important, the love or the fights. If one feeling can give us so much to look forward to in life, it’s only right that we respect it and cherish it. Treasure love if you have it as those who don’t, often die for it!
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