Natural Remedies For Sleep Problems

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Getting the most from your waking life - whether it means being effective at work or spending quality time with your family - requires adequate sleep. So often in our busy modern lives, we stay up late to get that last bit of work done or we wake up much earlier than our bodies are ready for in order to brave rush hour traffic on the way to work. Some of us are doing both.

Sure, we tell ourselves that the only way to get ahead and to make something of ourselves to work harder than everyone else, and that often means longer hours. We justify our lack of adequate sleep on the fact that rent's due next week or that Johnny need new clothes for school.
But it never ends. It's always something. And despite what you tell yourself, you can't "catch up" on sleep. Once you've missed it, you're never getting that rest and relaxation back.
Not getting enough sleep doesn't just affect your body. Sure, you feel tired and sluggish. But lack of sleep also affects your brain and your mood. You respond slower. You aren't able to concentrate as well. And you're much more likely to be irritated and even depressed.
Are you on board?
Deciding to get enough sleep and actually doing it are two very different things. For those of us who have made the commitment to sleep 7-9 hours a night, all of our best intentions don't do us any good as we lie awake at night, watching the minutes and hours pass by on our alarm clocks.
Luckily, there are all natural remedies for insomnia which may be able to help you get the sleep your mind and body deserve and need. 
Natural Remedies For Sleep
 * Wild Lettuce - If restless legs syndrome or general restlessness are keeping you up, try 30-120 mg of wild lettuce before bed. It helps reduce headaches, joint pain, muscle discomfort and even anxiety.
* Hops - You know those things they use to make beer? Well there's a good reason beer has a calming effect - hops act as a mild sedative. Taking 30-120 mg of hops extract before bed can help reduce anxiety and prevent insomnia.
* Calcium + Magnesium - Before bed, take 600 mg of calcium and 200 mg magnesium. If your stomach is upset or you experience diarrhea, lower your dose of magnesium until you find one that works for you. 
Don't go another night without getting proper rest. Your body and mind will thank you.
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