Supertrees, vertical gardens in Singapore

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Supertrees is a structure inspired by the shape of an orchid; it features a group of cooled conservatories in the centre and a series of giant solar supertrees.

Supertrees are vertical gardens ranging in height from 25 to 50 metres (82-164 feet). These structures power the cooled conservatories while serving as energy centers that house solar hot water heaters, solar panels, venting ducts, and rainwater harvesting systems. When not in use by visitors, the conservatories can play host to events and exhibitions.
The “supertrees” are part of the soon-to-be completed OCBC Skyway that weaves an aerial walkway through a grove of 18 arboreal structures. The steel trunks will collect and store rainwater for reuse and will also sport built-in solar panels to generate electricity, which will be used, among other purposes, to release hot air into the ground conservatories. The tree branches will be threaded with vines and flowers that will help towards shading visitors below, while sheathing the steel with an organic skin.

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