Russian Sea-Shell House

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Located in the Tavatuy community in the Sverdlovsk region of Russia, this funky, 228 square meter home really does look like some kind of wild sea creature. Inside, the top level of the home, the main bedroom, represents the air above the sea. The giant stained glass window affords views across the nearby lake, while strategically placed skylights permit additional natural lighting.

The second level, which is supposed to mimic the surface of the sea, is reached by a curvilinear staircase. A lot of the glass tile trimmings and furnishings were made by hand, but the most interesting part of the home is the basement level that represents the sea floor. The sofas are shaped like coral and sea anemones and there is a small office that looks like a grotto. Oh, and not surprisingly, the handmade bed features a water mattress! Person responsible for this architectural marvel is a Russian creative producer Yuriy Gaydukov.

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