Skaftafell ice caves

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Ice Caves – temporary structures that appear on the edge of the glacier and look amazingly beautiful inside. Skaftafell cave is located on the frozen lagoon Svinafellsekull glacier in Iceland. For centuries old ice Compacted here in a way that is substantially free of air bubbles.

The absence of air means that the ice absorbs almost all sunlight, but his blue faction, which within a cave visible to the naked eye. But this blue ice can be seen only under certain circumstances, for example, in the winter, after long periods of rain, when washed away the surface layer of the glacier. Such light can be seen in many other ice caves on the floating icebergs.
This cave in the glacier is the result of melting ice, when melted with the rain water collects on the surface of the glacier, and rushing streams in the gap by going inside. Thus gradually formed cave and sunlight penetrating through the ice gives it an unusual color.

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