Most Dangerous Road - The Death Road, Bolivia

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According to the Inter-American Development Bank, the Death Road in Bolivia is statistically the most dangerous road in the world. Every year, 200 to 300 people die along a stretch of dirt road less than 50 miles. The 43-mile road leads northeast from the La Paz to Coroico, in the Yungas region of Bolivia. Along the way, it winds up and down through the Andes Mountains.

Since the road has so many curves and twists around each mountain, it’s difficult to see when vehicles are approaching from the opposite direction. Thus, strange as it may seem, some drivers (and passengers) prefer to travel Death Road Bolivia at night when cars and buses have their lights on because they can see the lights of vehicles heading toward them and can plan ahead to stop at one of the slightly wider areas to wait for the other vehicle to pass. It has also been turned into a tourist attraction, with twelve separate ‘adventure sports’ companies in La Paz offering Death Road mountain biking trips.

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