Tesla Roadster!

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While watching this little beast it reminds me of some models of Lotus. But instead of the petroleum piston engines in the British company models, here we have fully electric car. Sales were launched in 2008 with Tesla Roadster which has electric motor with 302 hp and acceleration 0-100 km/h in 3.9sec.

In 2010 Roadster Sport arrived, accelerating with 0.2 sec faster than the original Roadster (3.7sec). Interesting here is that Roadster Sport has a bit “weaker” engine – 299hp. The top speed is electronically limited to 201km/h (125mph) and covers range of 245 miles (395km). The roadster broke its own world record covering a distance of 501km with a single charge.
Tesla developed special Energy Storage System (ESS) to “feed” the engine. If we have to explain simpler, this is a battery pack that contains 6831 lithium-ion cells (the same used in laptops) arranged into 11 plates connected in series. This system requires 3 and a half hour to fully recharge using the High Power Connector.

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