Brammo Empulse R

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Features a water-cooled permanent magnet AC motor, IET 6 speed gearbox and Brammo's unique BPM 15/90 battery modules. This drivetrain package endows the Empulse and Empulse R with rapid off-the-line acceleration, sustained high speed and industry-leading range.

The Empulse R has carbon fiber headlight shroud, front and rear fenders, top panel (this is the panel immediately ahead of the colored panel) and rear light housing. Empulse R also has a name badge and also features fully adjustable (gold) front suspension and fully adjustable adjustable rear-suspension.

Recharge J1772 Level I and II 110V AC to J1772 Level 1 Adapter included.

City - 121 miles
Highway - 56 miles
Combined - 77 miles

8.9% 72 months $339
6.9% 60 months $373
3.9% 36 months $558

Price: $18,995

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