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Slot Sofa

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Usually a sofa is just a sofa and nothing more. However, the creators of the Slot sofa managed to reinvent this term. They designed a piece of furniture that puts three items in one. The Slot Sofa has a compact and sleek design but it hides a secret. As its name suggests, it has a clever and modular design that allows it to blend a sofa, a coffee table and an ottoman, all in the same structure.

The Slot sofa is a very dynamic and flexible piece of furniture. It’s also a great acquisition for small spaces where it’s usually difficult to fit everything you need inside a tiny room. This sofa allows you to have three pieces of furniture in one. It’s not a typical modular unit that is usually just an extendable sofa that also serves as a bed or sectional. This one hides a coffee table and ottoman. These are all functional pieces of furniture that every home needs and has and it allows you to have them all in a very compact and attractive package.

The sofa features gaps between the cushions as most similar pieces. The difference is that in this case those gaps were used to accommodate a two-level structure. One you get it out you can put the cushions that were originally underneath it on top of the lower units and use them as ottomans while the middle structure can be sued as a coffee table. For functional and structural reasons the ottomans and the coffee table cannot be detached. When not needed, you can just slide this unit back where it fits like a piece of a puzzle.

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