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An American multi system operator (MSO) has been working on the issue to meet Apple's broadband data network. As with other Apple products, the TV set will be called an iTV. Experts further believe that unlike other Apple products, iTV might be the one facing the hardest challenges. The main element will be about its content delivery, because already a lot of innovative television sets are out there.

Apple can attract customers for its design and user interface, but the main testing aspect will really be its offer as a television set and how it differs from other products in the market. Apple likes to do experiments with technology and internet, an iTV will be a good introduction for the world to a trendy and fashionable Smart TV – something that Apple’s brand name brings along it.

But what kind of content will a Smart TV offer is still a little stretch of imagination. However, it will be better for Apple to release its first ever iTV when it has covered the issue of content deliver in a smart way, rather than introduce one based on its innovative design.

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