Mind Blowing Finger Painting by Iris Scott

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Finger painting is not an easy job. We collected very much creative work of Taiwan based artist Iris Scott. She is 28 years old and extra ordinary talent she has in finger painting.

All these photos which we are presenting she has painted with finger Its looks like very unique and creative painting which I think cant done by brush even. Having just finished a Bachelor of Fine Arts and a Masters in Teaching Elementary in 2009 Iris was eager to take a year off and paint without the distractions of school or work.

She elected to spin a globe a randomly picked Southern Taiwan In her words I paint what I see. Finger paintings are hiding everywhere, sometimes I catch them when I’m walking down the sidewalk, or lounging in a living room. I search for color relationships, and intriguing forms. I see the world through ‘finger painted’ colored glasses.

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