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Color is an important part of life If your life is full of colors you are the happiest person Color creates a reasonable good relations among human being So remain colorful if you want to be liked by some other person It’s color which attracts people around you Most of the persons do not give importance to colors Those are less likely to be accepted Their failure in life is due to rejection of colors Have you ever think of coloring your self I mean choosing a nice color dress for your self Have you ever noticed of your dress color is really good and attractive people see you they always talk about your dress is pretty this is due to color If you wear the same dress with different dull and odd color you can see no one will say about your dress Cuz every one knows if other person doesn’t talks about your dress its mean they don’t like it and its fact After this you can guess how colors are important I gave a reference site at the end where you can have information about the basics of colors.

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