Eye Makeup Ideas With Drawings for Blue Eyes 2012

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ll women love to do beautiful makeup and new makeup ideas. In this topic we are introducing magnificent color and drawing ideas for blue and green eyes. They are suitable for day and evening occasions and some are suitable for work and daily outings. The others include different drawings and creations for those who like the change and the young ladies who love all new trends. There are a few bases for the successful makeup such as choosing the right colors that should be paired together within the one combination and how suitable they would be for the occasion or the skin tone. Such factors can be determined according to the skin tone, the face features and of course the eye color. Any makeup color should be matching with the eye color before the skin tone, and choosing the right colors makes it easy for every woman to obtain a beautiful look and even pair the garments in harmony with her eyes and the eye makeup. Light colors are suitable as a base for the dark or the main color shade. You can use white, silver or crème as a base for any other color. Silver can always be paired with dark colors such as black, dark gray and blues. It can also be paired with dark green, but rarely does it come in that combination as it is better to highlight the dark shade with a lighter base than using two light colors.

Orange and green and perfect with black shades as they give a cheerful look and autumn lining to the eyes. They are suitable for winter and autumn more than any other season, and they can be used for day or evening according to the clothes worn. Some colors like green and blue are suitable for day use. They can be worn in winter, summer and spring; and they are magnificent for the day outings, especially for the resort vacations as matching with sky and sea colors. Light green, silver, lavender and sky blue are all suitable to be used alone or mixed together to obtain a magical look of innocence. Dark blue and red can be used with black for a gothic appearance and they can be enhanced with some tiny drawings either near the eye brows or beside the eyes. For those who like to change their whole appearance, the black color can be used with any other shades to draw any shapes like hearts, lines, lace-like shape or some gothic effects. They must be drawn carefully after the eye pencil is used with a good base of white shade.

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