What Happens When You Throw Some Glow Sticks into a Waterfall

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What may look like an example of Photoshop trickery was actually created by throwing some high powered glow sticks into the waterfalls of California. Using long exposure that would range from 30 seconds to 7 minutes San Francisco-based photographers Sean Lenz and Kristoffer Abildgaard transformed the waterfalls into nocturnal underwater rainbows.This project came from months of refining a simple idea that finally turned into a concept worthy of using for an entire series says Kristoffer. We were both fascinated by artificial light such as glow sticks lasers flares and being big on landscape photography we tied them together in hopes of creating something that we had never seen before added the artist.

Even though neon lights is something completely unnatural and unrelated to the settings of the photoshoots the final results in their Neon Luminance series are very harmonious.The From the Lenz artist duo also worked on lighting the nature around the waterfalls and used various head lamps road flares and even taking advantage of the moonlight Although this series was meant to focus mostly on glow sticks in waterfalls we are exploring the idea of creating artificially lit landscapes in general as well such as mountains lakes tree lines grass fields and caves Mr Abildgaard added.

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