Amazing Photos Of Earth Landscapes Taken From The Space

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How weird would it be if you could look down at the planet Earth, just look down at the planet and think: “I actually live there”. It has to be an amazing feeling for all astronauts, and the rest of us can just dream about it. Anyways, here are some amazing photos of the Earth taken by RosCosmos.

There are also some amazing photos of northern and southern lights, as well as the mountains of North America, the Himalayas and Glaciers of Patagonia. You can see the stunning peaks and the beautiful clouds that are covering parts of the landscape. It looks very surreal in a way, and it just makes you wish you were an astronaut. There is actually a whole procedure for taking photos from space if it’s done by the astronauts. They have special cameras, and they need to have real skills to capture beautiful astronomic photos.

It’s from photos like this that you get aware of how the planet Earth is so lovely, and its nature and landscape is just incredible. Speaking of space and astronomy; here is the largest and oldest spaceport in the world.

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