Concordia Research – The Loneliest Place On Earth

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Have you ever wondered how the end of this planet looks like? Now you guys got the chance. On the Antarctic Plateau in Antarctica there is located the Concordia Research Station which operate every day every year.

The summer temperature tend to be -25C, so just imagining the winter makes you scared. You would maybe think that this research station is run by Russians, but no, the truth is that it’s partly French and partly Italian.

It mostly measures climate and atmosphere but you never know, but the air has hardly pollution so it makes it perfectly fit for research. Just imagine how it was to built this station; they had to do it during the little warmer summers.

It is about 500 kilometers away from humans and it opened in 2005. And when I say humans, I mean people that work on the nearest station, so the Concordia is even further away population, and you can say that it’s the most lonely place on earth.

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