Windcatcher Inflatable Air Pad

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Although the pumps that come with your inflatable tents and mattresses are great, they require power and take up valuable space when you’re on the go. The Windcatcher Inflatable Air Pad is the perfect solution to this problem, and is quite possibly one of the most ingenious devices we have ever seen.The Windcatcher operates on the idea of pulling surrounding air into the pad by leveraging the power of low pressure air that’s created when you blow into the massive hole within the pad. The end result is an increased efficiency of 10 to 15 times over what you would accomplish with just your lungs, and the valve never even touches your mouth. Made from a lightweight, durable polyester, this pad was designed to be extremely comfortable on its own, or paired with a sleeping bag. The pad’s closure ensures that it will remain air tight under any conditions, meaning you won’t wake up on a cold hard floor in the morning. Support the project on Kickstarter, and watch the video below to get a better idea of how this system works.

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