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t’s always nice to see products have success through Kickstarter, and the BikeSpike GPS Tracker certainly deserved every bit of success it experienced through the crowd funding platform. Many cyclists have been in that dreadful situation when you return to an empty spot where your bike once was. In the past locating your stolen bicycle was damn near impossible, but not with BikeSpike. This little device attaches to your water bottle holder, and thanks to the built-in GPS chipset and cellular antenna, you will easily be able to locate the stolen 2 wheeler with a mobile device or computer. The unit even helps to prevent your bike from being stolen, with a bonus digital lock feature allowing you to be notified if the bike is tampered with, much like the alarm on your car. As if that wasn’t cool enough, BikeSpike also monitors performance stats like distance traveled, built in speedometer, and will notify contacts if you are involved in an accident.

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