BMW Mini Camper Concepts

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(added few years ago!)

Seeing that BMW’s Mini has built a strong following of young, active fans over the years, it made perfect sense to transition into the world of the great outdoors with these BMW Mini Camper Concepts.The brand has unveiled three different models, all of which have been tailored towards the weekend warrior.  The models include the Clubvan Camper, the Contryman ALL4 Camp, and the Cowley. The Clubvan is designed to be the most like a premium motorhome (which includes a bed where the passenger seat is located, propane stove, handheld shower with water tank, television and refrigerator), and the Countryman was created for those looking for a weekend getaway – complete with its pop up rooftop tent and access ladder. The Cowley was designed to be the most conventional of the three options, offering up a 650 pound attachable trailer that can sleep up to 2 people.  While there’s no secured release date for any of the models, we imagine the brand will base that on the response that these concepts receive from fans of the brand.