Suprine Exodus Recumbent Motorcycle

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Looking like a futuristic motorcycle from an old 80s movie, the Suprine Exodus is a recumbent bike that is looking to find a spot in your garage this year. While this motorcycle may look like it’s still a work in progress, that’s just the look the America based team at Suprine Machinery were going for. Powered by a 1200cc BMW transverse flat 4-cylinder motor, the 2 wheeler pumps out 126 horsepower, and sprints to 60 miles per hour in just 4.1 seconds. The frame is constructed from a steel base that has also been infused with both titanium and magnesium components. The bike is easy to operate, and riders simply place their feet down at stops, just as they would a normal motorcycle. Expect to pay around $55,000 if you’d like to own one. Watch the video below.

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