Shark Deterrent Wetsuit

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Living off the coast of California, we’ve always loved exploring everything the ocean has to offer, but some people would disagree. Often times when we ask people about their cautious outlook on diving (or even surfing for that matter), they cite shark attacks as the main culprit. Well you’ll be happy to know that this Shark Deterrent Wetsuit  ensures that you will be safe from would be attacks in the water.

While we don’t think we’ll be the first in line to test it out, product designers Hamish Jolly and Craig Anderson have teamed up with the University of Western Australia to create a wetsuit that will keep you safe from sharks in the water. Sharks are colorblind, so the team created a pattern that helps makes you either unpalatable or completely invisible to the fierce predators. The concept is to create confusion for the shark’s visual systems. While sharks do use other senses to track their prey, visual is the final stage before attacking. There are several different suits available, designed for specific activities. The blue and white Elude is created for divers, and the black and white (unpalatable color pattern) was created for surfers. Watch the video below.

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