EPIC Protein Bars: Bison & Bacon Flavored

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Protein bars are literally a dime dozen, yet there still seems to be a lack of quality offerings tailored towards men. The folks at EPIC are looking to change the game with a protein bar made with high quality, organic ingredients, created specifically for men.Let’s face it, most protein bars (or any supplement bar for that matter) are not only packed full of sugar, but they taste like chalk. The EPIC bar has done away with the mass sugar infusion (less sugar, not sugar-free), along with using 100% grass fed animal based protein to create a great tasting, Paleo friendly, gluten free snack. There are currently 3 mouth watering, masculine flavors including Bison (includes bacon and cranberry), Beef (with a touch of Habanero and cherry), and Turkey (infused with almond and cranberry).

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