Modern Glass House Lake Kugano

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This modern Lake Kugano house made of glass was designed by JM Architecture and is located in Switzerland. The house has a rounded polygonal shape with black framing. It is located on the slope of a hill that prompted distributing the rooms between the two levelsThe upper level has kitchen, dining living room as well as storage spaces The lower level features bedrooms and bathrooms and a garage Each level has an adjoined outdoor area. From one side the house faces the mountain and from the other the views of the garden and lake open up

Lake Kugano looks ultra modern with its rounded edges and glazed walls. Though the environment features trees, gardens, and lake. This contrast is softened by white gravel that surrounds the glass pavilion. It gives the area a clean modern appearance.

The interior is modern and sleek designed in white color scheme with the built- in and ambient lighting in yellow and orange. The bedrooms and bathrooms are decorated with light wood finishing. What do you think about this modern glass house

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