Straddling bus – Cheaper and greener solution to traffic problems

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We are no strangers to the increased amount of pollution rendered upon us due to huge amount of traffic. Not to forget that traffic alone is one of the main reasons to our stress, getting late to work, missing out opportunities and etc. But is there a solution to this never ending problem? Earlier we would have said no, but now there definitely is a solution and a company in the southern Chinese town of Shenzhen has done just that.

In Oder to avoid traffic and solve the pollution and air quality problems, Shenzhen Huashi Future Parking Equipment has developed a decidedly odd-looking, extra-wide and extra-tall vehicle that can carry up to 1,200 passengers. Although the odd looking invention is called as a straddling bus but it looks like a train in many aspects. However the main advantage of it is that it does not require any tracks or any extensive tunneling.

Its passenger compartment spans the width of two traffic lanes and sits high above the road surface, on a pair of fencelike stilts that leave the road clear for ordinary cars to pass underneath. The straddling bus however runs along a fixed route. The unique invention is about 20 feet, wide and is powered by a combination of municipal electricity and solar power derived from panels mounted on the roofs of the vehicles and at bus stops.

Shenzhen Huashi Future Parking Equipment claim that the straddling bus will travel at an average speed of 40 kilometers an hour and will help reduce traffic on main roads by 25-30%. The straddling bus could replace up to 40 conventional buses, potentially saving the 860 tons of fuel that 40 buses would consume annually, and preventing 2,640 tons of carbon emissions, said Youzhou Song, the vehicle’s designer.

“I had the idea when I was doing research on the road for the designs of innovative parking slots for bikes and cars,” Mr. Song, who founded the company with several partners in 2009, said by phone last week. “I saw the traffic jams and wondered if it’s possible to make buses high up in the air as well.”

The cost of construction is nearly $7.4 million for one bus and about 25 miles of route facility, which is roughly one tenth of what it costs to build a subway of the same length.

China is world’s largest polluter and the new solar powered and fuel efficient transportation system will definitely help Beijing to reduce its carbon emissions.

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