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Uh, those early morning pampers. A cup of morning brew served along with a peck on the cheek. Chit-chatting while gorging upon the finger-licking scrambled eggs. Those wrinkles on bed look irresistible while your partner opens eyes, and sees you for the first time in the morning. Romantic, eh? Let’s make it more romantic.

Mmm… but there’s a deal. You gotta wake up a bit early for that, so that you have ample time to plan a sensual breakfast, and take your partner by surprise. Deal? Well, so, pouring love into your cooking needs some serious homework, mostly because it’s going to happen early morning. Taxing? Don’t worry. Just do as the following ideas say. Pick one of them, and make your partner’s day. Hey, you know how to cook, right?

A Rose Along with the Breakfast. If you’re a guy reading this, dude, no matter how horrible a cook you are, a rose along with the food would melt the heart of your lady love. Cook Peanut Butter and Banana French toast while she’s sleeping, garnish it well, team it up with her favorite morning juice, and on the tray, along with the food, put a fresh rose. Considering that you’re clueless about the art of cooking, scrambled eggs, egg sandwiches, or banana muffins do the trick, for they’re extremely easy to make. She might hate the food she eats to the core, but she won’t forget this rose. Why am I so sure? Been there, done that.

A Sexy Cooking Lesson. How about cooking your breakfast together? You teach your partner how to cook food, and your partner has fun learning new tricks to make you happy in the future? Early morning, share your tasks, for example, if you’re making Challah French toasts, ask your spouse to whisk the eggs, while you’re slicing the challahs. Better, make a breakfast pizza, and ask your partner to prepare the toppings, while you’re preparing the base. Have a hand at breakfast by cooking a romantic meal, and then, eating it together in bed. Mmm… mouth-watering (if you know what I mean!).

Breakfast on Terrace. Spend less time on cooking, and more time on preparing your terrace. If you don’t spend time on terrace often, it’s time to clean the mess, arrange a bedding (chairs would do, but they aren’t that romantic), put some music, and have the time of your life early morning with your partner! Tell you a fact, this idea works wonders if it’s winter, and you won’t be able to thank me enough when you realize how cozy it is to have breakfast under one quilt in minus 10 degrees!

Breakfast Outdoors. Done it on bed, now want to do it outdoors. First, we’re still talking about breakfast in case you don’t realize, and second, if it’s a holiday, why not go out on a romantic date and spend a day together, right from the breakfast till the dinner? Take your partner out to their favorite eatery, and let them be the one to decide the menu. To up the romance ante, order a chocolate dessert or mousse, but only one! Share it with your partner, and bask in the chocolate! A sea-side restaurant is the best pick as it’s extremely romantic, and lets you spend time with each other without getting distracted. Don’t forget to order wine though!

It’s sad how people wait for Valentine’s day or their partner’s birthday to do something like this. The truth is, they do expect this from you on special days. However, what will take them by surprise is if you do something like this on an ordinary day. Just surprise your love, don’t wait for them to do something for you in return. The thing about such gestures is that, even when you know you failed at cooking their favorite recipe for breakfast, even when the meal exceeded your partner’s daily limit of calorie intake, you know they won’t be disappointed – they’ll love you more for this surprise gesture. Try it once, for I’ve seen it by myself, great romantic breakfast ideas are nothing but your love for your partner with a little help from those gray cells you own.

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