Milk Bath Benefits

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The secret to Cleopatra’s beautiful and supple skin was her milk bath. She used to fill her tub with camel milk to supply nutrition to her skin directly. Over the years, milk bath benefits are being debated upon and it has been seen that it helps in the nourishment of the skin. The need for beautiful skin is at its acme now and therefore more and more milk based beauty products are being launched in the market. They all have their benefits but nothing beats the old and traditional way for milk bathing.

Milk itself is rich in nutrients like vitamin A, vitamin D and lactic acid. This makes the skin look younger and softer. The lactic acid also contains beta hydroxyl acids which are extremely efficient in exfoliating the skin.

It sure exfoliates the skin but maintains its smoothness. All the natural ingredients of the milk play their role in improving the condition of the skin. Not only does the skin look good, it feels good as well. It is also helpful in eliminating the dead cells off the skin and hence the absorption of moisture is better. A milk bath means not only your skin, but your hair are in contact with milk as well. Now, there are benefits for hair with milk too. Milk is capable of providing the hair with bounce and makes them look shinier than ever. The hair would be healthier and the dullness would disappear very quickly. Just like the skin, hair would also be silkier and softer to touch.

Milk is good for the skin, no matter what type is being used. Camel’s milk was used by Cleopatra but it is difficult to obtain camel’s milk everywhere. Cow and goat milk are effective enough to do the job properly. They are also excellent in providing healthy nutrients to the skin. An advantage of using goat milk is that the pH level of it is same as that of human skin. Hence, it is easier for the skin to absorb it and use it well. Oat milk has oat grains that can sooth sensitive skin without any hassles. In fact out of the whole lot, the most hydrating milks are soy and rice milk. They also promote the development of new cells.

It is possible to make you own milk bath. Adding a couple of warm milk cups in the regular bathing water can do the work quite nicely. Almond oil can also be added in addition to the milk to further improve the moisture content. If you do not want to take so much pain, then perhaps the best possible way for you is to use milk based products for cleansing, exfoliating and moisturizing.

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