These steps can not be ignored to have beautiful skin

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Remove and clean the surface: Dust, sweat … All of everything is accumulated in the skin, after a stressful day back home, you can not skip cleansing. Here’s how to clean skin deep, clear and easier.

Especially with the girls more makeup then removing is extremely important, not only through the cursory cleanser. Currently the market is very good for removing many kinds of labels such as Lancome, Clinic, Vichy…,  you can use safe and good for the skin.

Drink more water: The average daily intake you have a quantity of water needed at least 1.5 liters of water. Priorities for different types of boiled and filtered water, green tea will help your body … always fresh and always smooth skin. Water is an invisible but cosmetics are effective for the skin. Especially in winter, water is even more necessary than to wrinkle.
Apply cream: What a coincidence that the cosmetic company to test different race to launch massive creams with extracts from many components you use. Because it plays an important role in protecting and beautifying the skin, so just apply and massage lightly for 5 minutes each day, you can make your skin rejuvenation. Cream helps your skin smooth, soft and prevent the formation of wrinkles on the skin. There are various creams derived from components:
- Lubricating oils and minerals: These are the two basic ingredients help moisturize the skin. In addition, it also has the effect of the pores will. However, these components often feel sticky, oily and unpleasant on the skin surface.
Essential oils: from fruits and vegetables: The moisturizer commonly used essential oil extracted from apricot, olive oil, avocado oil. They can be used to provide extra vitamins to the skin.
- Hormone and replace additional components: These are the ingredients that brings moisture high efficiency but are hypoallergenic, cause side effects. In particular, if the hormone is absorbed into the body, it can affect other organs within the body.
Recommend whether to try your hands on your skin with skin before using the skin surface. Should seek advice at the same time of the test cosmetics on your skin before you choose a cream for you.
Sunscreen: Even the mild sunny day,  if you move a lot outside, hiding UV will still cause some damage to the skin rapidly aging, pigmentation, freckles … Therefore, be careful cross layer sunscreen is safe for most skin, and do not forget the shielding layer masks will protect the skin better.

Use rose water: Remove and wash your face, you can apply layers of rose water to skin firming and will close the pores. This stage a lot but in fact she ignored the effect of water rose so much work, help balance the skin pH, helping skin recover quickly looks radiant. Depending on skin type you choose rose water. There are a number of Clarins rose water, Shisheido, L’Ocitance for your choice.
Exercise: You have a billion things using cosmetics on the skin but lack of physical movement, yoga, walking, running and jumping … housework … even the hard skin that you blush, radiant as the spring woman . Take advantage of every possible time to the “body” movement of you. Just a little effort, you also save the aging attack there.
Control diet: You can taste salty, they must watch out, the salty food will lead to facial skin usually liquid, hasy down, edema forming convex and concave points rising unevenly. Therefore, you should limit the meat, fish stock salt and move on to the fried dishes, boiling, steaming is the safest.
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